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Stop the guesswork in trading with FreedX Backtest, No Code Required

With the template you will:

Create Strategies using any indicator in TradingView.

Validate your trading hypotheses within minutes.

Use data-driven insights to guide your trading decisions.

Gain confidence by knowing the backtested results of your strategies.

✅ Become one step closer to automate your own strategies.

✅ No coding required.

Here comes everyday ads we see "the best indicator in the world..."

You know, when you are scrolling in Instagram and the “indicator guru” or “expert trader” comes up, showing you a bunch of complicated chart patterns…

Promises like: 10x your initial capital in one month, %95 profitable indicator or showing how you will escape “the matrix”…

Is it really the best trading indicator/strategy?

If it’s really the best, why do they sell you their indicator?

⛔️ If you tried some of these tips, eventually you will end up with same questions:

 ❔  Where do I place my take profit order?

 ❔  Where do I place my stop loss profit order?

 ❔  Why does the entry signal appear late?

 ❔  Why are my real trading results doesn’t match the backtest results they show? 

🙇🏻 You’re not alone.

🙋🏻‍♂️ We’ve been there.

That’s exactly why we created FreedX Backtest.

So that you can speed up the process of searching correct parameters, testing indicators and creating your winning strategies. No coding required, we’ve already done the work for you.

With FreedX Backtest, you won’t need to trust the so-called ‘gurus’, instead, you’ll trust data and the backtest results.

We give away FreedX Backtest for FREE, so that you will have the power to test-drive any indicator before you commit your hard-earned money. 

Who are we?

🔍 We are a team of software engineers, quant-traders, and AI specialists who’ve been developing FreedX since 2021.

Our mission is clear:

Empower traders with the tools they need in order to succeed on their own terms.

As FreedX we believe:

📜 “Financial freedom is possible without emotions but with data driven and automated solutions.”

We’ve seen too many traders sidelined by unreliable indicators and empty promises.

⚙️ That’s why we developed the FreedX Backtest.

It’s more than just a free resource;

🕵🏽 It’s our way of leveling the playing field by creating more awareness against scams in algo-trading community.

By providing you with the tools to test and verify the effectiveness of any TradingView indicator.

 FreedX Backtest gives you freedom.

  • The freedom to trade based on data, not hype.
  • The freedom to build strategies that actually work.

👀 Check out what others say about us

"By using FreedX, I'm getting the same results in exchanges as backtested results."

Alvari M. - Algo Trader - Finland

"I made %25 profit in only 10 days"

Kaan Atik, Engineer

I followed the strategy I created using FreedX Backtest and only followed the signals it generated. I made 150$ in 10 days with just 610$ investment. The backtest calculation matches with real exchange entries.

Mustafa Kaan Atik



📒 Learn and get ahead of the curve

⚖️ In the trading arena, the line between winning and losing is often defined by knowledge and the tools at your disposal.

💰 At FreedX, we’re committed to ensuring you stand on the winning side.

✏️ By signing up, you’ll dive deep into the strategies that define success, armed with data and insights, not mere chance.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

✅ Why most traders fail and how you’ll succeed by leveraging data, not

✅ How to effectively backtest trading strategies and identify those with the best historical

✅ The importance of data-driven decision making in successful

✅ The secret to turning any theoretical strategy into a proven winner overnight.

What you'll get

Free access to FreedX Backtest:

Backtest ANY TradingView indicator without coding

✅ Set custom Buy/Sell Triggers

✅ Set Stop Loss & Take Profit


✅ Set Leverage

✅ Set Max Drawdown Limit

ATR Stop Loss & Take Profit

Trend Filtering

✅ Automated Buy & Sell Alerts

Debugging tool

Comprehensive guide to backtesting and strategy creation.

🎯 Entry into a community of like-minded traders and direct access to FreedX team.

The Cost of Waiting is Real!

💸 Every moment without FreedX Backtest is another dollar wasted on ineffective indicators and missed profit opportunities.

It’s a no-brainer.

🎁 This tool is free, powerful, and exactly what you need to stop the guesswork.

Why continue the cycle of spend and regret when a proven, zero-cost, zero-coding solution is right here?

You have nothing to loose.

– FreedX Team



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